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Labbaik Global is based in London – UK, the hub of international business, with a global vision. It’s uniquely positioned to successfully gather multiple businesses, all into one catalyst, cooperative and expanding platform, where the World unite in commonly beneficial projects,

Those projects are based on Research & Development of Think Tanks and linked with the benefits of Hajj and Umrah (Pilgrimage).

We enhance the user experience, by enabling interactivity among stakeholders and we maximize the economics of the member countries, by motivating exchange of benefits and innovations between the East and the West.

Therefore, we focus on areas commonly shared by the stakeholders, primarily the benefits of Hajj and Umrah (Pilgrimage) and maximize value resources for each member country.

We campaign and combine the efforts to achieve common goals of:

Government &


NGO's and


Major Private


R&D Centers

& Universities

Hajj & Umrah


Hajj Missions

& Travel Agents

Hajj & Mutamer


Who We Are


Labbaik Al Haramain

Labbaik Al Manafie

Labbaik Forum

Labbaik Global is a Chain that consists of SEVEN expandable Domains, each of which derives projects and entities. It focuses on Economics of Pilgrimage and Benefits for the Humanity.

Labbaik Global Co. Ltd., the parent entity, incubates each project until mature to be stand-alone and sustainable.


Technology Park

Labbaik Finance

Labbaik Humanity


Vision & MissionServices


Innovating new businesses

Enabling reviews and ratings of providers and Customers in all service levels

Standardizing quality of services of Pilgrimage

Addressing Governance for all the stakeholders and the Chain

The Company is the incubator of the Chain & it takes care of:


One Platform

Easy Dashboard

The Company is the incubator of the Chain & it takes care of:

Addressing Governance for all the stakeholders and the Chain

Standardizing quality of services of Pilgrimage

Enabling reviews and ratings of providers and Customers in all service levels

Innovating new businesses

Labbaik Global

ServicesVision & Mission

It combines hospitality services and related products of the journey. Hence, it enables exchange of benefits among the stakeholders

Labbaik Al Haramain is a repository for the services of Hajj and Umrah (Pilgrimage). It develops some of these services and capitalizes on bulk purchase power of others in special deals

Labbaik Al Haramain


(Holy Cities)


(Holy Cities)


Labbaik Al Manafie

Labbaik Al Manafie (Benefits) addresses economics and benefits shared by member states, It creates bridges among key industry players, with emphasis and focus on:

Food Security

Green and renewable energy

Healthcare and Medicine

Education and Knowledge

More for Qualify of Life

Infrastructure, logistics

Each event is sponsored and hosted by a different stakeholder (Government, NGO, University or Company)

Labbaik Forum is a world-class assembly held once or more annually. It's a gathering of the leaders of the Muslim Nation, an open discussions for economic, technological, and cultural opportunities.

Labbaik Forum


(Holy Cities)


performance of the Chain

exchange of benefits

economics of Pilgrimage

Labbaik Technology Park is one platform/hub with its advanced solutions. It also welcomes every solution, which can enhance:

In other words, all applications, such as MIS, GDS, CRM, CMS, ERP, PMS, etc. It welcome all solutions providers regardless of their size; from start-ups, entrepreneurs as well as big companies.

Labbaik Technology Park


(Holy Cities)


Labbaik Finance

The projects that deem to be viable are converted into companies when nurtured. The Fund designs payment methods, crowd-funding, digital currency, and other vehicles leading to successful investments.

Labbaik Finance is a treasury fund and a pool of investment capital that molds opportunities into sustainable projects with high returns. It structures finance methods and participatory economy strategies for the projects/entities.

Cultural materials

Medical and emergency services

Restoration of the Holy and heritage sites

Food Security

Better economy for undeveloped member states

Labbaik Humanity Trust

All the activities of Labbaik Humanity Trust are regardless of financial returns or profitability

Labbaik Humanity Trust has a 10% share of all the projects. Hence, a 10% of all income are devoted towards philanthropic projects:

Our Vision & Mission

Labbaik Global Vision is to transform the way organizations and businesses gather, manage, and improve life for the Nation and the World.

We capitalize on knowledge of management and partners, Research & Development, our Core Values, as well as Quality Assurance. We strive to strengthen its relations with decision makers.

We harmonize our plans with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 and its “Guests of Allah Service” initiatives, and in parallel, taking advantage of the Saudi opening to global firms and investments.

We aim to be in business a hundred years from now. So, we must truly adhere to what we believe when we face momentary difficulties. Labbaik Global is grounded in the following principles: Reliability, Integrity and Efficiency.

Latest News

Our Services

We establish policies and continuously monitor their proper implementation. It includes the mechanism required to balance the powers of the stakeholders with associated accountability.

Their primary duty is to enhance the prosperity and viability for the Nation and the World.

We standardize the quality of services and the products of Pilgrimage. We also unify performance measures according to the world’s commonly recognized criteria.

Thus, we give customers the opportunity to judge quality and the value for money for the deliverables in every step of their journey

Labbaik Standards

We enable each stakeholder to review and provide ratings for the performance of the other stakeholders. The Outcome of the feedback is truly beneficial to all:

Labbaik Review & Rating

Providers know what customers like and don’t like.

It helps governments to improve policies and procedures

Customers feel important and involved

It supports decision-making in investments

We engage Research Centers and Universities to conduct R&D and we innovative ways to engineer the benefits of Hajj and Umrah, aiming to:

Labbaik Business Development

Contribute in development of facilities for more comfort.

Innovate projects, solutions and products that make a difference in lives of

Motivate publishing cultural materials.

Boost sales of products that cater to the needs of pilgrims.

Labbaik Forum … Why?

Labbaik Forum is planned to bring together leaders, who have the power to make positive change. It aims to engage them to shape its economy agendas, by coming to common agreement and partnership to push action forward and ignite actions.

Thus, Labbaik Forum will be a catalyst for initiatives, shifts and breakthroughs towards improving the status of the Nation. Hence, we organize this world-class assembly for open discussion of the economic, technological, and cultural opportunities. Stakeholders include:

It will assist in developing businesses across a wide range of sectors, aiming to enrich the Nation.

Governments and Semi-Governmental Agencies

NGOs and Charity

Public and Private Organizations

R&D and Academic Institutions

Labbaik Technology Park

Provide tools and value
added services
to industries.

Promote micro, small
and medium entrepreneurs
and encourage continuous
open competition

Create conducive
and productive environment
for entrepreneurship

Promote development
and export of
solutions and services

Labbaik Technology Park is a platform that provides solutions for the chain of domains in Labbaik Global,
its projects and initiatives. Great part of solutions are already developed, tested, up and running.

Labbaik Technology Park is a platform that provides solutions for the chain of domains in Labbaik Global,
its projects and initiatives. Great part of solutions are already developed, tested, up and running.



Why Us?

Our Capabilities

We have more than 40 years hands-on experience and achievements in Hajj and Umrah management, in addition to our knowledge and expertise in area, where we have remarkable success stories:

Based on an innovative idea that sparked in 1996, we conceptualized the first e-Umrah system and marketplace. By 1999 we completed the first electronic system for managing and distributing hospitality services, with localized features, which we launched in 2000.

Initiators of E-Umrah

Other Achievements

For the Saudi Ministry of Hajj, we have developed various strategies, plans and solutions between year 2000 and 2003 including: RfPs, Process Management Systems, Performance Assessment, Trainings, and more.

We were the first and only national company appointed by the Ministry of Interiors to electronically issue permits for domestic pilgrims in 2003 with advanced digital readers.

We contributed to the development of the first release of Shomoos with Elm Company.

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